Bill simmons 10 simple rules to dating the sports guy

and most importantly, don't gamble just for the sake of gambling (find something else to do -- you're in Vegas, for God's sake! And that was my mindset at my friend Mikey's bachelor party last weekend ... On Monday's airplane back to Boston, as I fought off the urge to slit my wrists with the October issue of Ebony En Espanol, it dawned on me that a losing Vegas weekend mirrors every WWF TV match from the '80s -- one of their recognizable jobbers (like SD "Special Delivery" Jones or Koko B.

right until Vegas gave me the off-and-on Ralphie Treatment for four consecutive days. Ware) would get pinned by a more established superstar (like Cowboy Bob Orton or Big John Studd), the same match unfolded every week, and it almost felt like "Groundhog Day." Same with Vegas.

Obama identified with Rodgers’s ability to keep his focus downfield despite all the chaos happening in front of him. Within seconds of greeting me, he was poking fun at my shoes and teasing me for not writing anymore. ” Gay marriage, health care, Charleston, the Iran deal…

That’s Obama’s enduring quality, and (to borrow another sports term) this has been his “career year.”Obama lives in America’s most famous museum and uses it to his advantage. It’s an alpha-male trick—put someone off-balance, flatter them and bust their chops at the same time. I mean, how do you interrupt the most powerful man on earth? If you voted against him, 2015 was the year when his inner confidence bothered you more than ever.

I think that we were ahead of the curve in 2008 in social media and the Internet and digital communications.

Following the acquisition of’s European operations, the site exploded in popularity and has millions of members all across the EU.

By Bill Simmons Page 2 columnist There isn't anything on the planet quite like the sensation of "I'm getting my butt handed to me in Vegas," which feels like getting pulled over for a speeding ticket, but for an entire weekend. I tinkered with my "winning" Vegas formula like Bill Walsh honing his West Coast offense, improving it over the years, fixing the kinks, installing new plays, gaining confidence and eventually coming up with these guidelines: Avoid getting killed on the first night because that sets the tone for the weekend ... Bill Simmons is a columnist for Page 2 and ESPN The Magazine.

Voyage to Vegas enough times and it's bound to happen. With six trips on my résumé and only one semi-thrashing, I knew another one was coming. stick with blackjack on Fridays and Saturdays, poker and football on Sundays, and blackjack for any night beyond that ... whenever a table rubs you the wrong way, immediately get up ... pick a drink at the beginning of the day and stick with it ...

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Other nice features on the site are personality tests and weekly flirt statistics.

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One thing I learned through some tough election cycles: You can’t separate good policy from the need to bring the American people along and make sure that they know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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